Function of Nitrogen:

Nitrogen is widely used in preservation and storage of beverage, fruit, vegetable, pastry, tea leave, Chinese herbal medicine and cooked wheaten food, etc. Because nitrogen has the features of inactive and not easily breeding bacteria under normal temperature, can fully keep foods’ color, smell and taste, and the storage quality is much better then mechanical cold warehouse storage.
1) Food package
Traditional vacuum package is rapidly replaced by nitrogen-filling package, which is applied in package of fired food, puffed food, bakery food, and fresh slices of various farm products, special cheese and fresh meet. Because nitrogen-filling package can more effectively maintain taste and nutrition of foods, it is expected to further develop its application.
Because oxidation action is generated by involving in O2, It causes microbe and bacterial reproduction and leads to food spoilage and deterioration. As a kind of suffocating inert gas, N2 can suffocate and inhibit bacterial reproduction. The aim of using N2 is to purge O2, relieve oxidization and respiration of foods. Moreover, N2 has low solubility in water and grease. And foods have small adsorption effect on N2. Therefore, N2 can be used as a good gas for preserving foods and keeping foods fresh.
In addition, nitrogen-filling package can effectively protect the shape of food in package; prevent crumbly food from being crushed; avoid packed food adhesion together under pressure due to unbalance between interior and exterior pressures; avoid food packed food stiffening. Although food has irregular shape, beautiful shape of package can be maintained in order to avoid food deterioration caused by damaged package due to surface folding.

2) Beverage Mixture
Oxygen dissolved in liquid and oil can cause precipitation. Oxygen existing in beverage can make the taste become bad and shorten its life. Gaseous nitrogen is conveyed in liquid during processing by applying a kind of method known as “mixture” (liquid is mixed by compressed air through sprayer). These nitrogen bubbles can remove oxygen in order to prevent non-carbonate beverages (fruit juice, tea and milk) and edible oils (peanut, olive, sunflower and rape oils) from being oxidized, deteriorated and faded.
3) Nitrogen Expansion
For other foods, it is required to add gas for increase food volume. Nitrogen is used to puff edible oils, mayonnaise, margarine in barrel or peanut oil products for increasing their volumes and expansibility, so as to prolong their life.
Particular Application of Nitrogen in Food Industry:

1,Beer, wine, fruit spirit and edible oil: use N2 for holding tank, bottle blowing and before closing capsule to remove O2. It can prevent oxidation, spoilage and fading of noncarbonated beverage and edible oil. 
2, Puffed and fried food: N2 can prevent food fluffy and flavour reversion caused by little water in the bags. N2 also can make the shape and package beautiful, and food will not be crushed in transportation. 
3, Pastry, bakery food and vitellus-pie: Flushing N2 inside the food bags can prolong freshness time and prevent food being metamorphose and crushed in transportation.
4, Milk Powder and soyabean milk powder: just use little N2 can prevent or reduce agglomerate phenomenon of milk powder caused by long-time extrusion storage.
5, Cereal, nut, fruit and vegetable: Flushing N2 can prevent pests harming, and saving little O2 can reduce breathing rate of fruit to make the fresh effect more obvious.
6, Candy and snack foods: N2 is mainly suitable used in the airtight food bags.


Performance Characteristics of the Equipments:
In order to meet the requirements on small nitrogen-making equipment in food package and gas-adjusting storage of fruits and vegetables etc. industries, we designs ZR series small nitrogen generator for food package by dynamic analogue optimization. Such equipment has numerous features, such as stable and reliable operation, convenient and simple start as well as high nitrogen-making speed. Operator of such equipment should not receive special training. In addition, such equipment has compact structure, which can be easily moved because of small volume.
Process Principle:
Compressed air flows into small nitrogen generator through filter. Oxygen is adsorbed by molecular sieve under the action of food carbon molecular sieve. Nitrogen is conveyed to place or mixed with other gases from outlet. Pressure-varying adsorption adopts the principle of “one unit is working while another unit is reproducing” in order to achieve recycling use.
Main Technical Parameters of ZD-3/30Nm³/h Nitrogen Generator:
Model N2 Capacity
Power Purity (%) Air Source Pressure
N2 Pressure (Mpa) Dimensions(mm)
ZD-3 3 5W ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.65


Can support one horizontal packaging machine

ZD-5 5 5W ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.65 590×570×1230
ZD-5A 5 0.5KW ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.65 1100×760×1250

Can support two horizontal packaging machines or one vertical packaging machine

ZD-10 10 1KW ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.7 1350×1170×1600

Can support four horizontal packaging machines or two vertical packaging machines

ZD-15 15 1.5KW ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.7 1400×1180×1670

Can support five horizontal packaging machines or three vertical packaging machines

ZD-20 20 2KW ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.7 1450×1200×1700

Can support seven horizontal packaging machines or five vertical packaging machines

ZD-30 30 2.5KW ≥99.5 0.8-1.0 0.1-0.7 1480×1220×1800
Can support ten horizontal packaging machines or seven vertical packaging machines
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