1、Aluminum alloy rack,it made of 304 stainless steel production,the appearance is beautiful,economic and practical.
2、PLC control, man-machine interface operation. It can set on the basis of product demand:Speed (capacity  of production), adhesive usage amount(It can usage amount or line spray adhesive).
3. It can automatic finish :Catch carton box,spray adhesive,molding and sealing,production fluency and fast,molding is standard.
4、It has automatic steel seal yards machine, During the packing production process, it can do single or double row seal yards. yards of steel seal is easy to change, it needn’t Inkjet, it is environmental and economical.
5、Automatic counting ,system running in high speed, stable operation
6、 Main electricity: Mitsubishi, Delta ,Cell Renew Dynatec
Applicable range
It can be used in food,medicine,chemical engineering manufacture and etc shall be adopted packing,it can automatic pack one bag or more than one bag into the small box.  (feed in by hands).
Technical parameters
Dimension: L6200mmxW1100mmxH1800mm
Power    :  3.7KW/380V
Total mass :  1200Kg
Production rate:20-60 boxes/min
Product specifications: L100-270×W35-150×H25-100
Control mode:   PLC uuivertor
Air pressure :  0.5-0.8Mpa
Quantity of air: 200L/ min
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