For the production of die-cut pellets, chips, 3D pellets from potato and cereal flours. 


The flours in the pre-set recipe percentages are mixed and then  loaded into the line mixer to get a dough.


The flours are hydrated into the mixing tank. The dough is conveyed to the extrusion cylinder where the transport-cooking stage takes place. The combination between the correct temperature diagram and the screw profile allows an efficient gelatinisation process that does not damage the starches. These are the fundamental factors to determine the quality of the final product. The machine grants an extreme flexibility as it is possible to vary widely the process temperature and residence time: it is possible to process blends composed of potatoes as well as hard to cook cereals always achieving the ideal gelatinisation. The dough can be directly extruded into a die-cut pellet or a sheet for potato-based pellets or roughly cut to be sent to a forming machine for cereal-based pellets: a cereal-based dough needs higher cooking parameters and forming is possible only at the following stage after cooling during transport. The extrusion of a single or double sheet allows the production of flat pellets cut at distance or 3D produced coupling and cutting two sheets.


The product undergoes a first drying stage into a shaker pre-dryer passing through vibrating floors to reduce the surface moisture content.


This drying process is carried out in two stages: during the first one the product is fast dried thanks to high ventilation and temperature. The variable speed of the transport belts and the possibilityof pre-setting the temperature and moisture values, make this machine extremely flexible and suitable for drying a wide range of products. The drying process is completed in the second section. The product moisture content is uniformly and gradually reduced until it reaches a natural equilibrium value to get a correct final expansion.


The moisture is stabilized by the final cooling section.


3D pellet production
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