Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos extruder is unique because every piece is varied in length and diameter giving a home made effect the texture of the product is very distinct. After it is fried the product is crunchy in bite
Material is fed from the hopper.
Rotary head die with single/double cutter for cutting long/short size pieces

Machines involved in making Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos:
1. Flour Mixer
To mix corn meal with water to prepare the flour for Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos

2. Rotary Die Extruder
To cook the corn meal and extrude the Kurkure/Nik naks/ Cheetos
from the die. The rotary die twists and curls the meal before extruding giving a uniform texture

3. Automatic Frying Machine
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