Electrical Roasting Machine / Peanut Roaster for Peanut


1.Features of Peanut Roasting Machine                                                  

A.Using electric or gas, high roasting efficiency, no pollution. 

B.Heat pipes bring heat to rotary drum. Rotary drum keeps rolling, bring balance heating performance.

C.Different areas are insulated for minimum heat loss and lowest running cost.

D.The working temperature can be well controlled because this machine has a automatic temperature controller.


2.Specifications of Peanut Roasting Machine                                     


Model Overal Dimension Weight Output Power Voltage
HL-DKL100  1500x2300x1600 650 100kg/h  20KW   380V
HL-DKL200 2100x2300x1600 1250 200kg/h 36KW 380V
HL-DKL300 2800x2300x1600 1850 300kg/h 60KW 380V
ZH-DKL400 3600x2300x1600 2450 400kg/h 80KW 380V
ZH-DKL500 4200x2300x1600 3000 500kg/h 110KW 380V
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