Packaging Speed:6,000-10,000 pcs/h
Filling Content:15-200 ml
Electric Machinery Power:1.5 kw
Heat Up Power:6kw
Air Pressure:
Maximum Air Consumption:
Outline Dimension:4000x1000x2000(LXWXH)
Timing Mode:Frequency inverter
Gross Weight:Aprox1500 kg

      The machine is suitable for filling and sealing the smaller mouth
plastic bottle of polyethylene. lt's specially for filling liquids or little
viscosity materials , such as, juice, jelly drinks, ice pop and so on.
lt's full automatic process, from hanging bottle, blowing bottle,
filling , heating, sealing to outfeed. Also with special unit , no bottle
no filling , PLC control. . .
Fast speed, one hour can reach 10,000 pcs ! lt's the best equip-
ments for mass production!
This machine is made of Stainless Steel, meeting up the food
healthy standards.

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