Breakfast cereal corn flakes machine 
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2. Extruders etc. 

Producion Introduction


Breakfast cereal corn flakes is a brittle food with good rehydration, outside the red is not bad, taste lubricants,grain flavor is fragrant.Corn flakes mainly corn flour as the main raw material,added sugar, vitamins,mixed raw minerals, add a sufficient amount of water after kneading, aging, forming, baking and tableting in order to manufacture a sheet flavoring.



Machine Flow Chart


Mixing system---Extrusion system----Cooling system—Flaking system--Drying system—Toasted system---Sugar Spraying system ---Drying system---- Packing system


Machine Features


1.Mixer : Make the corn residue or corn flour added to a nutritional additive and mixing a proportion of water uniformly.

2.Screw conveyor : Marinated raw material fed to the extruder feed hopper.

3.Double screw extruder: The material in the feed hopper into the extrusion system, to produce small  spherical particles.

4.Shaker:Dispersed particles, to avoid overlap pressed together into a tableting machine.

5.Air conveyor:Transported the particles into the tableting machine.

6. Flaking machine:Flaking the corn ball to raw corn flakes.

7.Air conveyor:Transfer the corn flakes to the baking oven.

8.Mutil-layer oven: Oven  mostly is toaster,temperature between 0-200 degrees self-regulation through the control cabinet,internal stainless steel double mesh bag,baking time may be adjusted according to the speed,remove the water.


Main Technica Patameters

Model HL171-A HL171-B HL171-C
Installed power 130kw 150kw 180kw
Real power 80kw 110kw 140kw
Capacity 100-120kg/h 200-240kg/h 300-500kg/h
Dimension 38000*1200*2200mm 41000*1500*2200mm 43000*3500*4300mm
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